Wednesday, 1 November 2017

What to Expect When Booking London Escorts For The First Time

If you are new to the whole escort industry and ave never experienced an escort service before then we at can only imagine how daunting it can be to for one pick an agency to book from but have to pick up the phone and make an appointment having no clue what to expect or who is going to turn up at your hotel room.

Hopefully this guide which we have created below will ease of the nerves and tension you have and give you a good idea of what you can expect when booking London escorts.

Before we go on we would like to recommend one agency in particular Crush Escorts who have great reputation in the industry and are a good starting point for newcomers.

Arrival and greeting

When you eventually meet your companion whether that be at your chosen location or hers, your escort will always do her best to make sure you are always at ease and feel right at home, it's always good to even prepare questions which you can ask your London escort when she arrives whether that be how her day is going so far or what she has planned on her days off.

We advice that you always use good manners as they cost nothing and believe us it will get you through your booking, if you are rude to your companion then you can be sure she won't be hanging around for long.


In this industry there is a general practice where most agencies and girls follow the same procedure where the money is took before the booking, it works like anything in the world you have to pay for something before you recieve it and it's the same principle here.

If you are a litte nervous or shy you don't even need to give her the money direct, just leave it somewhere noticable in your apartment whether that be the table or kitchen side, once she has recieved the money she will more than likely need to make a quick phone call but it is nothing to worry about as she will be contactacting the London escort agency to check in and let them know that everything is okay with her well being and that the money has been paid.

The time you spend together

When the booking commences what ever happens between you and your escort in London is entirely up to you as at the end of the day you are both to consenting adults and are old enough to make your decisions, at the end of the day you pay for the ladies time so what use two decide you would like to do is nobody elses business.

If you have only booked the lady for say 1 hour and you have actually decided you would like to spend more time with her, just give the agency a call and they will be able to sort this out for you aslong as she hasn't been booked in that time slot already.

After your booking is done with

After your time is up and it is time for either one of use to leave remember to be polite and respectful as at the end of the day manners and courtesy really do cost nothing, thank them for spending time and keeping you company and escort them out your hotel, you may see each other again so if that's the case then tell her you had a good time and you will be back to spend time with her again, it doesn't take long to make somebody's day now does it?

A few things which you should take into account

If you have had one too many or been doing drugs then don't bother calling the agency for a booking because the girl will just turn you away once arrived, so save you, the girl and agencies time by calling it a day.

Make sure you freshen up and trim before bookings, you expect your girl to arrive fresh and clean so it's only right you do the same for her, it's common sense at the end of the day.

Make sure you arrive to your booking on time, not only are you shooting yourself in the foot as the clock is already counting down but you also look like your not too interested, make sure to ring the agency if you are going to be late.

If you need to cancel your appointment then please try to give the girl/agency at least 2 hours notice before the booking so they can cover the time slot and give someone else the opportunity to see this girl.

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