Monday, 9 May 2016

Day one in the Aramis London escorts house

Today I ended up booking 3 escorts all from different London escort agencies to arrive at my hotel room at the same time. On paper, this sounds like possibly one of the worst ideas ever, despite it retaining an immense amount of entertainment value.

an image from the London escort agency Crush Escorts.
Crush Escorts - London Escort Agency
Unfortunately, it seems that I booked the nicest 3 escorts in the world because they ended up all making friends and getting along well with each other. Two of them even shared phone details and have invited me out for a night in the city this Friday.

A photograph taken of London City.
London City
I honestly did not expect the first day in the Aramis London escorts house to go so poorly. I booked these three girls from competing agencies to come to my hotel specifically with the purpose of writing an article. I asked for fireworks and someone must have dropped them in a puddle because they just didn't ignite.

Well, I suppose it's my own fault for hoping for a massive fight to erupt in the hallway outside my hotel room, but then I still win anyway because I got to spend a couple of hours in the company of three beautiful girls.
Next time, I'll have to give the London girls I book a better incentive to start a brawl, maybe that will work, ha! Before I go I would like to recommend one site to you which offers a wide array of female London escorts from Crush Escorts, they are an amazing London escort agency that does not disappoint their clients.

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